Company Vision

The Futayes Bin Sa'id Bin Kadasah Group Company strives for its services to have a footprint in all areas to serve the economy and the community in which it operates and to contribute to its development. It further seeks to entrench the name of its founder and developer, God willing, in each commercial area and hands-on activity in which it participates with a high sense of responsibility and wholesome professionalism.

Company Objectives

The Futayes Bin Sa'id Bin Kadasah Group Company aims at providing vital services, using state-of-the-art technology to satisfy infrastructural requirements and to achieve the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Group draws on scientific breakthroughs to give momentum to the national economy and promote capitalization of the potential of Saudi youths by providing motivation and attractive incentives and by equipping these youths with qualifications and advanced training in the country and overseas.

Company Values

Integrity and credibility
Teamwork spirit
Excellence and creativity
Perfection in performance
Customer satisfaction

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